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How many revisions come with each job?

Each items includes 2 revisions, with each additonal revision at $35/hour


What do you need to start each job?

To begin each job, I will need....

Last, a deposit of __% must be made before the job can begin. 


How is payment acceted?

Payments can be made via Paypal. Other forms of payment can be arranged for special circumstances. 

A __% must be made to start each job. The remainder of the job cost must be ___ to recieve final files or before the job goes to print. 


How is each job printed?

Each job is outsourced to a trusted pritner. Once the files have been approved and are sent to the printed, CMC can not be held responcible for any errors and other print related issues (color, delays, etc)


Will I have a chance to proof my job?

You will have a chance to proof each stage of the project as long as it is in house with CMC. CMC will not be responcible for any errors (misspellings, punctuation, format, colors, etc) after the last approval has been made. No changes can be made to print jobs after final approval.



... however, CMC does have the right to display any job in cleint portfolio...

Copyright of all graphic design work is retained by c means creative (including concepts, sketches, ideas, proofs, and illustrations) until outstanding invoices are paid in full. c means creative reserves the right to utilize all designs in various mediums, such as portfolio work or promotional materials.


Shipment of print jobs..?

Cleint is responcible for all shipping fees


Turn Time..

Digital files will be ready 24 hours after final approval and final payment recieved. 

Trun time on print job may vary per project. 


Rush Fees....

An expedite fee will be applied to any job with completion request in 48 hours or less. 


How will I recieve my files?

Final files will be recieved as pdf and jpg. Pdfs (saved in CMYK color mode) are good for items you wish to print on your own. JPGs (saved in RGB color mode) are good for online and website use. Pleae let me know if you would like addtional file types. 

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